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Asia Translation is a premier language service provider with headquarters in the dynamic hubs of Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. We are dedicated to delivering professional translation services with an unwavering commitment to linguistic excellence.



Our clients worldwide rely on us for precise and culturally attuned localization and Asian translation language solutions.


At Asia Translation, we offer a diverse range of services to meet every communication need. From expert native speaking human translators who handle nuanced textual and contextual translations in Asian Languages as well as translation to English, to cutting-edge machine translation technologies. We ensure each project upholds our stringent standards needed for the Asia locale.


Whether it’s translating e-learning materials, creating professionally translated video subtitles, engaging desktop publishing for Asian Languages, or producing compelling voiceovers, our project management team is fully equipped to deliver high-quality outcomes.

We provide translation services focusing on Asian languages such as Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, and Mandarin, alongside a broad range of other languages via our headquarters.

We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive service provider, where skilled native speaking translators work seamlessly to offer localization solutions in all Asian languages. Our dedication to quality and a client-centered approach position us as the first choice for businesses seeking reliable translation services around the clock.


Are you looking for a translator for your project? Discover why leading businesses trust Asia Translation for their translation and localization needs.

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Website Translation

Whether you need website translation from English to Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian or Korean, our reliable translators are proficient in handling complex nuances across various languages. We pride ourselves on offering services that meet the diverse needs of everyone in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore – and world wide, supporting both local businesses and global enterprises.



Affordable Translation Services

Working from our production hubs in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore,  our cost-effective language solutions deploys translators recognized for their credibility and vast experience in the industry, making us one of the rapidly expanding translation services in the region. From translating brief documents to extensive books containing numerous words, our skilled translators handle every task with utmost precision, as they are fluent in a multitude of languages. We are your dependable partner for language solutions in Malaysia.


Should your aspirations include expanding locally or breaking into international markets, you’ll find that accurate document translation is essential. Our adept, native-speaking translators are here to overcome any language obstacles you face.


We provide access to some of the most professional native translators available. Regardless of whether you are part of a small enterprise or a large corporate entity, or whether you’re a student, doctor, lawyer, or teacher, we deliver top-tier, comprehensive services to all in Malaysia. Our translators are committed to providing you with flawless service to ensure your utmost satisfaction.


We pride ourselves on offering 100% human translation services that guarantee privacy and precision. Our quality control team ensures that all projects are delivered securely and on schedule. Contact us at your convenience for reliable translation solutions.


Translators in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia


Native Translators in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore

We deliver flawless translations in every language and offer reliable services across Malaysia. Our skilled translators are adept at handling any type of document, whether it’s general, technical, official, or web-based.

The documents we work with include affidavits, articles of incorporation, bank statements, birth certificates, business contracts, clinical trial agreements, court judgments, death certificates, decrees, divorce certificates, driving licenses, employment contracts, environmental impact assessments, financial reports, immigration documents, insurance policies, intellectual property agreements, lease agreements, legal briefs, marriage certificates, medical reports, no claims certificates, non-disclosure agreements, operating manuals, patents, passports & ID cards, police clearance certificates, power of attorney documents, product labels, proxies, reference letters, regulatory documents, safety data sheets (SDS), sales agreements, service agreements, tax forms, technical specifications, trademark applications, wills, and website content.


Voiceover and Multimedia Translators in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore

Asia Translation provides comprehensive solutions for translating and localizing projects that include video and audio content, catering to a broad spectrum of languages and media types. Our vast multilingual multimedia production capabilities enable us to develop multilingual versions of eLearning modules, interactive assessments, subtitling services, training materials, and MMORPG localization, among other combinations of content, audio, and visual elements. We have extensive experience in managing and producing dubbing and voiceover recordings for a variety of applications including eLearning courses, audiobooks, corporate presentations, airline safety announcements, commercials, radio programs, and MMORPGs.

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At Asia Translation, we specialize in comprehensive localization services tailored to meet the global needs of businesses across various industries. Our hallmark is the Translation, Editing, and Proofreading (TEP) service, designed to ensure precision and cultural relevance in every project.


Translation, Editing, and Proofreading (TEP): Our TEP process is a meticulous three-step approach to localization. It begins with Translation, where texts are converted by native language experts to ensure the message resonates with local audiences. This is followed by Editing, which involves refining the translated text for clarity, style, and coherence. The final step is Proofreading, where the content is thoroughly reviewed for any errors and polished to perfection.


Quality Assurance (QA): Post-TEP, each project undergoes a rigorous Quality Assurance process. This step is crucial in upholding our commitment to delivering flawless content. Our QA protocol incorporates industry best practices and maintains high standards through checks and balances. We utilize advanced tools and technologies such as Translation Memories, Style Guides, and Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools. These resources not only enhance the accuracy and consistency of our translations but also optimize the overall workflow and turnaround times.


Customization and Support: Understanding that each client has unique needs, we leverage comprehensive glossaries and detailed style guides tailored to specific project requirements. Our approach ensures that every piece of content not only meets the global standards but also aligns perfectly with client expectations and brand voice.


At Asia Translation, we are dedicated to breaking language barriers with precision and cultural sensitivity, ensuring your message is perfectly localized for your target audiences around the world.


Asia Translation excels in delivering a wide array of language services, some of the common key search terms our clients search for includes:


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We also specialize in translating Malay, translation in Malaysia, translate malay, providing certified translation services in Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, certified translation services in Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and operating as a prominent Chinese translation agency in KL with certified translation services in kuala lumpur, chinese translation agency kl, chinese english, translate english to chinese.


Our offerings cover everything from English to Mandarin translations, english chinese translation services in malaysia, Arabic translation, and language translation involving Korean and Japanese. korean translation. japanese translation. Whether you need an English to Chinese translator, a Chinese to English translation, or a Malay translator, our certified team ensures the highest quality and accuracy.


Additionally, our services extend to translating to Chinese, ensuring comprehensive support for all your translation needs.


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